Research visit at RWTH Aachen University in Germany

On April 17 – May 16, 2023, the WP3 Leader Dr. Eng. Aleksandra Koz┼éowska, conducted research at RWTH Aachen University, Steel Institute in Germany. The university is among the 150 best universities in THE and QS rankings. The scientific supervisor of the internship was prof. Ulrich Krupp. The university has world-class laboratory equipment, thanks to […]

Beginning of the WP3 implementation

According to the project schedule, we are currently carrying out research using the Gleeble 3800 thermomechanical simulator. The simulator allows to perform research in the field of thermomechanical processing of steel. In order to determine strengthening curves of steels, continuous and double-step compression tests will be carried out to to the given deformation level. The […]