Sheets and plates thermomechanical processing: verification of project assumptions in semi-industrial conditions

Achieving the project goal of developing innovative thermomechanical and heat treatment technologies for sheets and plates made of quenching and partitioning steels, required the implementation of five work packages, which started by designing the optimal chemical composition of steels and the initial conditions of thermomechanical treatment based on thermodynamic calculations and numerical simulations.

The obtained theoretical results were verified in experimental studies using dilatometer and Gleeble 3800 thermomechanical simulator together with a detailed microstructural analysis.

The developed assumptions adopted during the project were verified in semi-industrial conditions using various time-temperature parameters of the process. A hot rolling process integrated with quenching and partitioning heat treatment was carried out. During rolling, force-energy parameters were determined, and the thermal and pyrometric measurements were carried out to control the process conditions.

Thermomechanical and heat treatment was carried out successfully and we now have sheets and plates of the designed thicknesses.