An internship at RWTH Aachen University, Steel Institute, Germany

Currently, the WP5 Leader, PhD student M.Sc. Anna Wojtacha, is on the research internship at RWTH Aachen University, Steel Institute in Germany. The university is among the 150 best universities in THE and QS rankings. Due to the progressive cooperation with the German university RWTH in the field of medium manganese steels, we have an opportunity to conduct research on world-class laboratory equipment. As part of the internship, it is planned to conduct research using the high-resolution three-dimensional backscattered electron diffraction technique (3D EBSD) which produces a three-dimensional image of the material’s microstructure. It allows the analysis of crystallite sizes and the distribution of their orientation in three-dimensional space, which is not possible with standard two-dimensional diffraction analysis. In addition, classical EBSD analyzes of medium manganese steel samples of the Quenching and Partitioning type will be performed. An internship allows to obtain new skills in conducting research and also allows for discussions with world-class specialists in the field of materials engineering and is an irreplaceable element of further scientific development.