Presentation of project results

We presented the project results during six national and international scientific conferences. The scope of the presentations included the results obtained in all five work packages. The research topics that we presented during the conference were very popular. The scientific discussion among an international group of specialists in the field of materials engineering and industry […]

Sheets and plates thermomechanical processing: verification of project assumptions in semi-industrial conditions

Achieving the project goal of developing innovative thermomechanical and heat treatment technologies for sheets and plates made of quenching and partitioning steels, required the implementation of five work packages, which started by designing the optimal chemical composition of steels and the initial conditions of thermomechanical treatment based on thermodynamic calculations and numerical simulations. The obtained […]

An internship at RWTH Aachen University, Steel Institute, Germany

Currently, the WP5 Leader, PhD student M.Sc. Anna Wojtacha, is on the research internship at RWTH Aachen University, Steel Institute in Germany. The university is among the 150 best universities in THE and QS rankings. Due to the progressive cooperation with the German university RWTH in the field of medium manganese steels, we have an […]

Research visit at RWTH Aachen University in Germany

On April 17 – May 16, 2023, the WP3 Leader Dr. Eng. Aleksandra Kozłowska, conducted research at RWTH Aachen University, Steel Institute in Germany. The university is among the 150 best universities in THE and QS rankings. The scientific supervisor of the internship was prof. Ulrich Krupp. The university has world-class laboratory equipment, thanks to […]

Beginning of the WP3 implementation

According to the project schedule, we are currently carrying out research using the Gleeble 3800 thermomechanical simulator. The simulator allows to perform research in the field of thermomechanical processing of steel. In order to determine strengthening curves of steels, continuous and double-step compression tests will be carried out to to the given deformation level. The […]

Investigations using dilatometer

According to the schedule provided in the project, actually we are conducting the experiments  using  dilatometer. The dilatometer is a device used to measure the linear thermal expansion of solids. It allows to track microstructural changes occurring during the physical simulation of the manufacturing process based on monitoring the dimensional changes of the sample. It […]

Beginning of the WP2 implementation

On September 1, the second stage of our project (WP2) began, concerning the verification of the experimental kinetics of phase transformations during the thermomechanical treatment of steel with the use of dilatometric tests, led by PhD Eng. Barbara Grzegorczyk. The experimental verification of the results obtained in the simulation tests will allow the optimization of […]